Ailce's Bike

Alice wanted a bike for leisurely rides to get out an about and enjoy the views from the paths and tracks around where she lives.

The geometry was designed to handle effortlessly at modest speeds and accommodate her body shape whilst keeping her low to the ground for increased confidence when navigating the narrow paths that she likes to ride on, something that she had struggled with on previous bicycles.
A bespoke mixture of Columbus Steel tubing was chosen to give excellent comfort, suitable pedalling efficiency and the slender, elegant aesthetic that Alice wanted.  These tubes were fillet brazed and left un-filed for all to see.

Initially in the paint job was going to be much darker than the final product you see today but it all looked a bit masculine so the white bands were added to lighten things up.  It was given, as with every sturdy cycle, a super-tough finish so that it will stay looking that way for years to come.
The bike was then assembled with: Some custom made 650b wheels fitted with some beautifully supple tyres. A mixture of Shimano 105 and Tiagra components for reliable performance over an excellent gear range. A highly swept handlebar shape  was selected to alleviate problems that Alice had had on previous bikes. Full length mudguards were a must so that there were no excuses not to get out and ride.

Weight was of no real concern for the terrain this bike is intended for but the end result is pleasantly surprising; fully assembled, as pictured, the scales stopped just shy of 11kg.

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