Alastair's Signature Road Bike

Alastair came to me after reading about reading about the signature road bike. When he came to the fitting session we were able to go through the design of the bike in detail and how that related to him specifically. 

Alastair chose a custom combination of components to equip the bike with;  Sram red 22 groupset (with Rotor chainset) and Fizik finishing kit.  The wheels are one of the recommended packages for the signature bike; a custom built set of carbon clincher rims built onto Goldtec Pro competition hubs, this is a really great package that combines a light, responsive and comfortable rim with some of the best rolling hubs available.

He chose to finish the bike in a full custom paintwork which, whilst looking stunning was incredibly tricky to photograph:  The 'black' portion of the frame is actually  a really dark, aubergine colour that has a purple sparkle in bright sunlight.  The red portion of the bike is a deep 'candy' red that changes from a dark, blood red to a bright cherry as the light changes whilst the silver panels a re a highly reflective metallic finish.  His club is represented too with the coloured bands.

Although weight was not a primary concern during the development of the signature road frame this one has easily surpassed Alastair's wish for the bike to be 'lighter than my current bike' tipping the scales at 7.3kg as pictured. 






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