Craig's Long Distance Tri Bike

Craig wanted a bike for racing long distance triathlons.  This presents quite a few challenges that I am all too familiar with from my time racing at elite level; triathlon is a sport of compromises where no two elements ever seem to complement each other.  This bike needed to be as comfortable as possible for long hours in the saddle whilst accommodating a position that is as aerodynamic as possible without having too great an impact on Craig’s ability to run off the bike.

We made few adjustments to Craig’s original riding position to improve comfort and reduce the impact of riding on his running performance (as well as a few aerodynamic tricks that I have learned over the years).  The geometry of the bike was then designed to improve handling whilst in the ‘aero’ position which is always a big gripe of mine with most ‘TT’ or ‘Tri’ bikes currently available.

Round tubing was chosen for the majority of the frame to improve comfort and a specific amount of flex was designed into the front triangle to complement Craig’s pedalling style and promote intuitive handling.  The downtube has been formed into an aerofoil shape, in keeping with the nature of the bike.  The frontal area of the frame has been significantly reduced from Craig’s previous carbon model; 31mm at the widest part down from 45mm and the slender seat stays (similar to those found on the signature road frame) complement the sleek lines of the bike beautifully.

The frame has been assembled with a Columbus carbon fibre fork and Shimano’s Ultegra Di2 components.  I produced a custom stem for this bike so that the 1 inch steerer tube could be used with Craig’s existing Zipp bars. A mounting point was added for a ‘Bento box’ behind the stem so that nutrition can be housed securely.

Craig opted for a blue and pink paint theme with some custom artwork.  I added a subtle sparkle to the pink highlights so that the really come to life in bright sunlight.  Craig has just completed his racing season on his old bike so I am looking forward to following his progress next year to see how he gets on on his new machine!

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