David's Custom Stainless Steel Road Bike

David wanted a 'Jack of all trades' road frame. It needed tyre clearance for 30mm tyres and a geometry that was capable of taking on the odd gravel race. As well as this it needed to be agile and fast enough to keep David entertained in his day to day riding which includes a lot of sprinting for signs (I know this from personal experience!).

We opted for composite integrated seat mast which has been layed up to provide comfort on rough roads whilst remaining extremely tough and resilient. The rest of the frame uses a custom selection of stainless tubing from Reynolds and Columbus with some non cycling specific tubing. 

The frame uses a press fit 30 bottom bracket shell to work with David's prefered 'S-works' chainset. To achieve the required tyre clearance without the need for long drop caliper brakes we used a Shimano direct mount caliper. The frame features our propriatory cable stops and dropouts. A custom stem was also produced to match the smooth fillet brazed aesthetic of the frame.

There is something of an asymmetric theme to the bike as David prefered not to have regular patterns or symmetry: The 'lugs' that house the seat mast are finished asymmetrically. The paintwork also follows this theme with a complex crystal effect on the mast topper and spreading onto the main tubes. The silver portion of the frame has a shimmering rainbow pearlescent finish that really comes to life in bright sunlight. The downtube logo is polished stainless steel merged seamlessly into the paint, there are also stainless 'windows' on the chainstay and seat mast bottle cage boss (no rivets to be found!).

The frame will be built up with a Dura Ace groupset, Enve 2.0 fork and will roll on Pacenti rims laced to Goldtec hubs. It promises to be a fantastic build and I look forward to hearing ofbthe many journeys that David makes on it.


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