Gemma's Road Bike

Gemma is new to road biking. She wanted a bike to use on her commute to and from work over the Welsh mountains and was really struggling to get on with anything available elsewhere. It is a problem faced by quite a few women especially those below a certain height. The main issue is that most small, female specific frames that are widely available stick to the 700c wheel size now ubiquitous amongst road bikes. I opted to use the smaller 650b wheel size in order to improve handling characteristics and clearances of the bike.

The frame is built using a mixture of tubes selected from a few different suppliers. It also features several signature Sturdy Cycles proprietary parts: Dropouts (with eyelets for mudgurards), cable stops and brake bridge.  The fork is also bespoke to suit both the wheel size and geometry of the frame. A 1 inch steerer tube format to ensure that the handling performance of the frame is appropriate for it’s size. A bespoke stem was also made so that a modern shaped bar with ‘oversized’ 31.8mm clamp diameter could be fitted to the 1 inch steerer tube. A ‘seat mast’ with custom topper was chosen to mount the saddle so that lights could be neatly integrated into the rear of the seat tube without causing issues when a saddle bag is mounted.

The frame has been assembled with Shimano’s Tiagra components with suitable gear ratios to get Gemma home over the mountain!  It has also been equipped with a dynamo front hub to power the bar mounted front light and integrated rear lights.  The wheels are built around some tough box section rims that have a nice wide tyre seat to give a nice, comfortable ride.  It was important to build in clearance for relatively large tyres (30mm) as the geometry of the frame meant that I was not able to use the ‘cantilevered’ seat post/mast that I often use to promote comfort.  The large tyre clearance also make the bike perfectly at home slightly farther from the beaten track should Gemma choose to take the long way home.

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