James's TT bike

James' new bike is a flat out time trial machine that has been great fun to build.  James wanted a bike to use in his local time trial events which, being based in South Wales, are nearly all 'sporting courses' with undulating and technical sections. 

We started by optimising a riding position that allows James to get maximum power from his legs whilst maintaining an aerodynamically efficient position.  I was able to teach James a few tricks that I have learned along the way to tweak his position according to the conditions.

The geometry has been specifically designed to make the bike feel like riding a road bike despite the inevitable increased weight over the front wheel.  I selected a specific crank length that not only allows James to increase his 'steady state' pedalling efficiency. This also allowed me to drastically lower the centre of mass simultaneously reducing frontal area, opening hip angle and improving handling.

James wanted an 'old school' aesthetic with round tube sections and a downward sloping top tube.  I chose a mixture of columbus steel tubing to maximise pedalling efficiency with enough compliance to give pleasant handling over poor road surfaces without needing to leave the elbow pads.

The bike is built up with a 10 speed drivetrain for compatibility with James's existing collection of wheels. The single chainring has been specifically chosen for a gear range to match James' preferred cadence and favourite course. It is mounted on some lovely Sugino cranks that really match the aesthetic of the bike.  The saddle has beautifully clad in the highest quality upholstery leather and finished with embroidery to match the rest of the bike.

The paint scheme was chosen to match James' club colours which really come alive in the sunshine. 

I am looking forward to racing James on his new machine when the season starts again next year, in the meantime it looks like I had better get some training done!

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