Jamie's Bicycle

Jamie wanted a bike primarily to explore his local roads in the Brecon Beacons.  He also has a few longer distance trips planned and so wanted the bike to be capable of light touring duties. He reported a few issues with his current road bike and so brought it along to the fitting session so that I could have a look at him riding it and get to the bottom of what was going on.  A few biomechanical issues were highlighted and addressed in the design of his new bike.

The geometry is designed to give relaxed and comfortable handling. The wheelbase is long enough to cope with a rack and modest amount of luggage without it becoming an issue when un-loaded.  The front end geometry has been adjusted so that loading up the back of the bike will have minimal affect on its handling.  Tyre clearance was high on Jamie’s priority list so I designed a chainstay re-enforcement that has allowed for extremely wide chainstay spacing giving room for huge tyres should they be called for.

The bike is constructed using a mixture Columbus steel tubing. This was carefully selected to give the right amount of flex for Jamies weight and power output to give the bike the lovely ride quality that steel bikes are known for.  The rear dropouts are my own proprietary design which have had an eyelet added within their silhouette to preserve the clean curves that feature in the rear triangle. The cable stops are also my own proprietary design which are made from engineering plastic and are bonded in place to avoid putting the tubes through another heat-cool cycle in areas where they are both thin and having to deal with relatively high stress. The frame has been paired with a ‘Wound Up Composites’ fork;  the filament wound carbon fibre construction of these make them fantastically comfortable whilst retaining great torsional rigidity for good tracking through the corners.

Jamie chose Shimano 105 components for their fantastic durability and ease of maintenance.  He also opted for rim caliper brakes which he is familiar and confident with.  I made a set of carbon fibre/olefin composite mudguards to go with the bike.  As well as being pretty damn cool these are very lightweight, will not fatigue as quickly as metal and plastic guards do and have a very small cross section to give the best possible clearance when using them with caliper brakes. I built the Shimano 105 hubs into some H-Plus Archetype rims using dt-swiss revolution spokes:  These wheels will be fantastically reliable with an easily serviceable hub, bombproof, but not overly heavy, rim and great lightweight spokes which when used in a high spoke count wheel can offer great comfort, good efficiency and years of dependable service.

The general theme for the paint work was to do something ‘a little different with some flashes of yellow and purple’.  I matched a pearlescent purple to the Hope anodized parts that jamie had requested and paired it with a suitable shade of yellow.  The black has two different sizes of metal flake in it; larger flakes at the front end , which also extend over the forks and custom made stem, and very subtle flake in the rest of the bike which only really comes to life in bright sunlight.

Jamie doesn't live very far from me so I am really looking forward to seeing this bike out and about, as well as tales of it’s trips further afield.

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