Paul's classic TT bike

Paul wanted a bike to use in time trial and triathlon events.  During the fitting session we made a few tweaks to his current position and identified a few areas that could be improved further with his new frame.  

The geometry is designed around a low bottom bracket and short crank lengths which helps Paul's position, improves cornering and pedalling efficiency. The front end is designed to improve the poor handling synonymous with TT bikes (and one of Paul's issues with his current bike): By adjusting front centre and trail it is possible to address the 'twitchy' feeling of the bike without compromising Paul's riding position.

The frame is designed with much of the same philosophy that goes into the signature road frames. The rear triangle is extremely stiff for efficient drive whilst the front triangle provides a specific amount of flex to assist efficient pedalling and intuitive handling.

Paul wanted a clean, classic aesthetic so we opted for round tubing throughout. The drivetrain is a 1x 11 Di2 system so all of the cabling has been routed internally.  I specified a track chainset to improve the chain line when using only a single ring. This meant that it was a bit of a challenge to fit in enough clearance for Paul's preferred 25mm tyres on wide 24mm rims but I managed to get there with some careful shaping.

Unfortunately the dull light of a Welsh autumn day does not do the paintwork justice (must get myself a studio!). The simple, single colour theme is a beautiful pearl white. I added some custom artwork (all paint, as ever) in a highly reflective silver to complement the white and match the polished headbadge.

I've taken a while to get this one up on the website so I've already had some great feedback from Paul and I look forward to seeing how he gets on when racing starts again!

BicyclesTom Sturdy