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Part 1—The making of a really great bike

They may not seem it but bicycles are actually fairly complex machines and the various dynamic coordination chains required to ride one are even more complicated.  This is often forgotten because almost everyone finds it pretty straightforward to ride one, in fact it is quite difficult to make a bike that cannot be ridden. However, anyone who has ever ridden more than one will appreciate that every bike feels slightly different and some are better than others.  More often than not the reasons for these differences are not clear and so bikes are increasingly judged by parameters that are easy to understand and evaluate.  Unfortunately many of these parameters are almost irrelevant to what really makes a good bike.  

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Part 2—Flex matters

Last week's blog post outlined the fundamental approach that I take to determine the best design for my bikes. This week I want to go into a little more detail as to how this approach is then used to refine frame performance. I will focus on the specific topic of frame stiffness as this has become something of a hot topic in the industry and something that you will no doubt be familiar with.

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