Q: How long have you worked with bikes?

A: I started out in a bike shop in my early teens and have been involved in the industry ever since; I've 'spannered' in shops, done the miles as a sales rep and worked in cutting edge product design groups. I know bikes.

Q: What bikes do you ride?

A: I like all forms of cycling.  I am lucky enough to live in an area that has some of the best of everything there is to do on two wheels.  If I was forced to pick a genre it would be road riding, time trialling in particular; its the perfect combination of aeronautical/biomechanical geekiness!

Q: Why do you build bikes?

A: I am passionate about improving your experience as a rider, whatever your needs.  I don't think that you should have to fit on to one of the 6 or so sizes of bike the big names make.  I think the bike should fit you and as soon as you've ridden a bike that genuinely does you'll know why!

Q: What material do you build with?

A: I use a combination of steel and carbon fibre composite. This allows me to use the advantages of both materials and produce a machine that meets my exacting standards whilst not being prohibitively expensive. Bikes are meant to be ridden after all!

Q: Have you done anything except work with bikes?!

A: I trained as an Aeronautical Engineer and then went on to get a masters degree in Sports Biomechanics but never got far from cycling, in fact that background just made me better suited to designing bikes!

Q: Do you race?

A: Yes.  I used to race at professional level in triathlon, I have a few national titles and some respectable international results. I can't kick my competitive spirit so I'll give anything with a finish line a good go!