I am proud to offer great value for my bespoke services and products. However the bespoke nature makes publishing a detailed price breakdown tricky. Here is some information with guide prices which I hope you will find useful.

Bespoke frames start at £1200 for a full steel model. Wherever possible in house range of frame components are used including unique dropouts,  cable stops and bosses.

Frames can be upgraded to include features like carbon fibre tubing made in house and finished off with a range of bespoke touches like custom leatherwork. All, of course, include paintwork finished to my exacting standards.

The Process

Custom paint work generally starts at £200 for a single colour respray. All paint work is carried out using top quality materials and finished with a highly durable, automotive grade lacquer.

I almost exclusively paint on any artwork and the finished product is to a much higher standard than the bicycle industry norm.

Bike fitting consultations start at £150 for and initially fitting session and limited follow up adjustments.

Everything starts with a good chat to establish exactly what it is that you need.  It is important that I get to know a bit about you, the rider, so the exact specification of your bike itself is not so important at this stage.

I will be able to give you an idea of what we could do, a guideline price (followed up by a more detailed quote at a later stage) and an idea of lead-time.

The next stage is to come and visit the workshop for a detailed consultation. This will consist of a fitting session and more chatting accompanied by copious quantities of coffee. 


This consultation will give me what I need to start the design process and start making your dream bike a reality.  It is also an opportunity for you to see how it all happens.

Once we have finalised your bespoke design production can begin. At this stage the only remaining thing to think about is often the paint work. You are welcome to come back for more coffee to get the creative juices flowing and talk through your ideas.

When the finished article is painted and assembled all that is left is for you to come and give it a ride in the stunning welsh mountains!