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(pronounced see-la).

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The bike is an adventure focussed bike that shares all the same DNA as the Fiadh model but with increased tyre clearance. Accommodating up to 50mm tyres on a 700c rim the Cilla can be anything from a fast gravel race build to one set up for longer bike packing trips. The number of bosses and mounts needed can be customised to make sure you get the right configuration for your luggage.

Just as with the Fiadh I have unrivalled design freedom to fine tune the geometry to suit a rider's needs albeit a little more restricted by the constrains imposed by tyre clearance.

This, along with specific set of frame junctions, creates a structure that combines the benefits of a monocoque frame with the inherent qualities and versatility of titanium to produce a bike that is uniquely yours and like no other.
"All the good stuff from the Fiadh, with space for more mud"

Tom Sturdy,
Founder, Sturdy Cycles.
/ proprietary components
To get full control over the critical interfaces that a rider has with the bike, I have developed a range or proprietary components to complement the frames and get the full benefit of a truly optimised design.
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A fork is a surprisingly complex structure that sees a huge variation in stress along its length. 

Additive manufacturing allows me to create a highly optimised structure to respond appropriately to these stresses creating a metal fork with sophisticated geometry and topology.

They are competitive with the weight of a composite fork and can be fine tuned for a given application.  It also means that I can fully control tyre clearance, fork geometry, axle standards, brake formats, fender compatibility and more.
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A custom stem (or integrated bar-stem) offers an additional design variable when dialling in a geometry to a given rider and when matched with the fork allows electronic groupsets to have fully integrated cable routing without the need to oversize the head tube or stem of the bike.

On the Cilla model I tend to use a drop shape with more 'flare' than on the Fiadh.
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The full titanium crankset allows for custom crank lengths which has become a common request these days as well as offering improved frame clearance without increasing q-factor to eke out the best possible tyre clearance without restricting geometry.  

The crank arms are 3d printed before being machined to suit a proprietary titanium axle which is all held together with titanium hardware.  

The machining work alone is highly specialist and stands alongside the additive manufacturing at the cutting edge of modern manufacturing.
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A titanium frame is not complete without a titanium seat-post.  This gives me the opportunity to adjust saddle setback independently from seat angle if required and provides a simple, elegant post that offers easy and infinite adjustment of the saddle angle.
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Prices start at £8,000

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