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Guee Premium Handlebar Tape

£ 22.00 GBP
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Guee bar tape is our preferred bar tape at Sturdy HQ - It comes as standard with all of our builds. We stock a range of models and finishes. Attitude bar tape is supplied unboxed without bar ends

Attitude - Sparkler Grey

Guee says "The new eco-friendly Attitude bar tape represents the latest fulfilment in terms of performance and comfortable hand support. Discover your cycling Attitude!" Sparkler Grey is black tape featuring a grey dotted pattern

Attitude - Tornado

The same Attitude model tape in black with an embossed pattern for additional grip.

SL Dual Metallic - Shining Silver

Guee says "Racing handlebar tape engineered with Microtex microfiber, Improved damping support for the maximum hand comfort. Textured black tape with a silver section at the bottom of the drop.

Dazzle - Reflective Geometry

Guee says "The Dazzle tape represents the perfect combination of performance matching to safety thanks to the special 3M reflective layer. The external knitting top layer provides extra durability and superior feeling comfort, it protects the reflective middle layer during utilisation" This tape features a reflective geomtric pattern throughout the whole roll.

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Custom Ti components

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