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Titanium 1x chainring

£ 260.00 GBP
(Ex VAT)
Machined titanium narrow wide chainring to suit 8 bolt spline crank attachement.

Our machined titanium chainrings are designed in house and feature aesthetic queues which are mirrored throughout the Sturdy component range.
The 30-36 tooth chainrings feature a MTB offset. Combine with the Sturdy Cycles MTB crankset for a boost chain line of 55mm.
The 38-52 tooth chainrings are designed for road use and feature a 46mm chain line when combined with our Road crankset.

These chainrings can be made to order so feel free to get in contact if we are out of stock of a variant that you require. 2X chainring options will be available in early 2023.

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