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Titanium Jockey Wheel set

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These machined jockey wheels are a luxury addition to any rear derailleur. Compatible with a wide range of rear derailleur systems and gearing setups. Titanium is a really durable material and perfect for this high wear component - it’s a huge step up from the plastic versions supplied with most groupsets. Featuring super reliable stainless steel enduro bearings and custom machined aluminium bearing caps. As with all of our titanium frame accessories these can be anodised in a range of colours to best suit your particular build.

This set of 12/14 tooth narrow/wide jockey wheels are intended to replace the stock jockey wheels in your rear derailleur.

Dust caps are available with 4, 5 or 6mm bores to suit the vast majority or rear derailleur cages. To check compatibility it is strongly recommended that you check what size is needed for the cage that you are using as there is a lot of variation in combinations (even within the same brand and 'groupset'). On ordering please let us know what sizes are needed.

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