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UDH Derailleur Hanger - 3D Printed Titanium

£ 100.00 GBP
(Ex VAT)
Our own version of SRAMs Universal Derailleur Hanger. Available in SRAMs M12x1mm thread pitch and our own M12x1.5mm version (complete with Torx 25 fasterner and suitable for UDH compatible Sturdy Cycle framesets).

Featuring a machined Ti end cap and washer - this hanger can be anodised to compliment your frameset. Let us know in the comments what sort of anodising you require. These hangers are only compatible with UDH ready framesets.

Details & Specifications


-Available in M12x1mm and M12x1.5mm

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-Available in M12x1mm and M12x1.5mm

Thread Pitch

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To get full control over the critical interfaces that a rider has with the bike, I have developed a range or proprietary components to complement the frames and get the full benefit of a truly optimised design.

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